Company Profile

DKY Ebikes-Vintage Electric Bike City Bike
Qiangli Electronics Factory was founded in1998,located in the Great man Sun Yat-sen's hometown- Zhongshan,Guangdong China.We have distinguished brands of electric bicycles:DKY,YAMALONGA and SYWANNIAN. The essential parts of the bicycles are designed and manufactured in our factory with selected raw materials,entrusted to be expertise of skilled workforce and experts. The finished product is always subject to strict control in quality, to ensure the customer in every aspect. Our prod- ucts are exported to Europe, North and South America,the Mid- East,Oceania and Asia.In addition, we have obtained iso 9001 Interna- tional Quality Management System Certification(QMS)and EN Certification. At the same time. we welcome Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM)and Original DesignManufacturer(ODM) orders. Please feel free to contact us if you have any new concepts or ideas about our products. We invite you to explore about our products in this Catalogand visit our factory to ride on our electric bicycles.