Top 5 Vintage Electric Bikes You Need To Try In 2021

Top 5 Vintage electric bikes you need to try in 2021-DKY - 350W Shaft Drive E-Bikes

“Vintage” is a broad word, therefore vintage e-bikes can take many different shapes and styles.Whether you’re an experienced user of e-bikes or looking to buy your very first one, is a cool and unique retro e-bike that is a great choice especially if you are interested in long but fast off-road rides.
Electronic bikes, or e-bikes, are quickly become a popular choice of transport for both urban commuting and weekend adventures. It’s a more environmentally friendly way to get to work, and it’s a fun and freeing recreational activity. You can choose a bike with a throttle for minimal effort, or stick to pedal-assist for a little boost when you need it most.

Best Electric Bikes in 2021

1. DKY - 350W Shaft Drive E-Bikes

Vintage 350 W Shaft Drive Electric Bike 700 C Wheel The City Bike instantly gives off the sense of modern retro bicycles with its sleek Stainless Steel 304  frame . This retro-bike is a good mix of classical and modern looks, quality, durability, and competence, is the one that hooked me the most. This allows you to change gears to set your preferred top speed depending on the terrain you’re traveling to. It’s a wonderful feature that gives you the freedom to set your max speed to something slower and relaxing, or something faster for more of an adrenaline rush.
LCD screen, and extremely comfortable leather padding on the handlebars, this is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a good vintage electric bike, especially people with a need for speed.
You can use this bike to go blazing down your neighborhood or any bike trails. The battery, controller, and motor are all covered by a holster that not only protects them but keeps your bike looking neater.

Top 5 Vintage electric bikes you need to try in 2021-DKY - 350W Shaft Drive E-Bikes


2. Trek Rail 9.8

Spend a day among nature with the Rail 9.8 from Trek. This long-range electric mountain bike guarantees fun and adventure. It’s built with the same tech as Trek’s regular trail bikes but is enhanced with a powerful Bosch drive system. The fork and dropper have been upgraded for even better performance, while the carbon frame keeps the unit light and simple to handle. Plus, you can easily access and remove the battery, which is housed in the frame, to make changing and charging more straightforward.

 Top 5 Vintage electric bikes you need to try in 2021-Trek-Rail-9.8

3. Specialized Turbo Levo

Take a ride on the wild side with this celebrated electric mountain bike. Inspired by Specialized’s original Stuntjumper design, the Turbo Levo takes mountain biking to another level. It’s lighter, more efficient, and more powerful, therefore making it infinitely more fun. The 565-watt Specialized 2.1 motor system is fully integrated into the frame for a sleek look and is the most powerful system available in electric mountain bikes. It quadruples your effort, allowing you to travel further and faster. The range is up to five hours, and charging to full only takes four hours. Plus, you can keep connected with the Mission Control app, which lest you control your range, record rides, and get status updates on the go.

 Top 5 Vintage electric bikes you need to try in 2021-Specialized-Turbo-Levo

4. The Merida eONE-SIXTY 9000

The Merida eONE-SIXTY 9000 is a rugged off-road e-bike. Highlights of this design include the carbon front triangle frame, with integrated battery control for a sleeker appearance and better durability. Plus, this makes room for water bottle cage fixing points. The internal location of the 504W Shimano E8035 battery does risk overheating. However, there is a thermo-gate with specially located openings in the head tube to vent warm air. There are also two different kinds of tires, which allow for more precise steering, better rolling, and maximum traction. There’s a larger 29er front wheel with a 2.5-inch tire and a smaller 650B rear wheel, which has a slightly thicker tire. You’ll also avoid damage from the fork crown impacting the frame in the event of rough terrain or a crash, thanks to Merida’s unique internal block.

 Top 5 Vintage electric bikes you need to try in 2021-The Merida eONE-SIXTY 9000


5. Norco Range VLT C2

Experience elite engineering in every journey on this Norco Range VLT C2 e-Enduro bike. It uses the legendary Ride Aligned design system, which assesses how each individual rider’s center of gravity affects performance and designs the carbon frame around that. Consequently, it lets you take better advantage of the fit and geometry of the frame for the ultimate big mountain fun. When it comes to power, this e-bike has a Shimano STEPS E8000 with a 630W in-tube battery. Plus, you can stay out in the wild for longer with an optional 360W extender, which adds up to 70% extra capacity. Enjoy 180mm of suspension travel in the front fork and 170mm in the back coil shock, to help you tackle the burliest trails and slippery rockfaces. Lastly, keep your speed in check with the 200mm SRAM Code R 4-piston brakes.

 Top 5 Vintage electric bikes you need to try in 2021-Norco-Range-VLT-C2